5 Predictions on Joomla Web Design Trends for 2015

Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS) which lets you develop responsive websites and powerful online applications. As we have just entered a new year 2015, it’s the time to predict the trends for this year.  So, what trend we would see in Joomla web design this year? Will it be more focused on smaller screen sizes and simplicity?

Below mentioned are a few predictions on Joomla web design trends for 2015:

1. Evolution of flat design: Flat design is a term that refers to a design style where the elements lose stylistic characters which makes them appear as though they are lifted off the page. The previous year was a flat design era; so what would be the trend this year? We can say that it will be the evolution of flat design. Putting aside all the awkward shadows, out-dated textures and gradients, developers would concentrate more on the beautiful and minimal flat design.

2. Richer content experience: Usually the websites designed using Joomla seem to use very minimal text, as their main focus is on innovation and visual story telling. You can observe in most of the Joomla powered websites; there will be a drastic cut down in the text whereas the important information is conveyed in the form of an icon, image or graphic. For instance, if you see any portfolio or an eCommerce website, no visible text will be present, but they rely on images and graphics to communicate information.

3. Responsiveness: In 2015, you would see a majority of individuals getting shifted from pc’s to mobile devices to browse web. As the number of mobile users is getting increased, it’s so vital to have a website which can easily be viewed on an iPhone or Android device. Responsive web design lets your website to analyze the screen size of the device and it gets scaled to a proper fit which offers the best user experience. But still many companies are adapting for a dedicated mobile site and also a regular web front. So, the design experts predict that the responsive designs would overtake adaptive design techniques.

4. Outbreak of typography: 2015 will be the year of typographic art. All the old and boring fonts like Arial and Times New Roman will be put aside as many top-class fonts are available at reasonable prices.  The web fonts are rising and the designers are favoring the bigger fonts than ever before. So typography will also be considered as a bigger part of responsive web design.

5. HTML5 videos: HTML5 would stay as a principal technology to structure the content for a website. Usually HTML5 sites will be descriptive and long with a focus on storytelling. You can see some videos too; not just the promotional one, but the HTML5 videos which runs in the background of the web page. As millions of websites are coming up with innovative design methods, users would certainly prefer the website which is built with appropriate images and proper content.

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