Comparison Between Three Widely Used Content Management Systems

Content management system (CMS) is basically a computer application for web which lets you organize, edit, publish, delete and also manage the content all from a central interface. It provides the easiest procedure to manage the workflow in a collaborative environment. The procedure might be some manual steps to be followed or an automated cascade. A CMS can be used to organize the files; it provides a version controlled access to the data.

Even the simple systems present handful of features while the enterprise systems offer some complex functions. Most of the CMSs comprise format management, searching, indexing, revision control and retrieval. Few systems also support the separation of content and presentation. So before starting up the development of a website, selection of a right CMS is really important. Because selecting an appropriate CMS plays a vital role in the success of your website.

Here is a brief outlook of the three widely used content management systems Drupal, WordPress and Joomla:

These three are the open sources and are developed and maintained by the community of thousands. Open source doesn’t just mean that they are free but it also means that the platform is continuously being improved to support new technologies. Using these systems, fundamental functions can be enriched with the continuously expanding array of add-ons provided by their respective communities.


  • Drupal is a robust and developer friendly platform using which you can build any complex websites; but in order to operate efficiently, it requires some expertise.
  • Among all the three CMSs mentioned, Drupal is the CMS that requires extensive expertise. But it is also capable of producing the trendy and most advanced websites. We can say that if you are not an expert or if you can’t hire a Drupal developer with good knowledge, then the CMS is not for you.
  • It has been the most popular CMS because of its powerful taxonomy and also the ability to organize any complex content.
  • A downloadable version of Drupal called Pressflow comes bundled with the most popular enhancements in the key areas; this helps in improving the performance and scalability of the website.


  • Basically, Joomla is less complicated when compared to Drupal; it is also a user friendly platform that lets you build some complex websites.
  • Installation of Joomla is very easy when compared to other two platforms. Having a little understanding on terminology and the structure, you will be able to build some fairly complex websites.
  • Joomla comes with strong social networking features as it is designed to perform as a community platform.
  • It offers a very good control over the content and helps you in analyzing what is cached and what is not. It also supports page caching as it comes with the System cache plugin.  


  • Initially WordPress was started as a creative blogging platform; but as the stock of plugins, themes and widgets went on increasing, it was also used for other website formats.
  • It can be installed very quickly and it doesn’t require much technical knowledge. One best thing in WordPress which you cannot do in the other platforms is that you can paste the text directly from a word document. 
  • Using WordPress, the clients can easily take over the site management; WordPress is highly powerful and helps developers to build sites more efficiently.
  • SuperCache is a plugin which comes with WordPress; it optimizes the performance of the website by just generating static HTML files database-driven content.  

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