Is BlackBerry’s Android the Best Phone for Security and Privacy?

9 December 2015

Chicago: We have been seeing that the one of the most heard complaints of Android is its fragmentation which in turn implies to the security and user experience. Of course, there are several small sized companies offering hardened implementations of Android that claim to offer enhanced privacy and security to the users.

Unfortunately, there are no independent means through which the user can evaluate the security claims of the vendor. BlackBerry doesn’t criticize the products of other people making misleading comparisons. It rather takes to explain the technicalities of their own solution which would allow buyers to make the decisions based on the details.

PRIV, the first ever BlackBerry’s Android phone

  • Blackberry’s PRIV is an enticing device sporting a backlit QWERTY keypad which slides out from behind the 5.4” quad HD display. We have seen many major prongs of BlackBerry’s Android security strategy outlined in several blogs out of which OS hardening is just a piece. The security incident response strategy of BlackBerry can be taken as an example of how the buyers must consider not just the device but also the company behind the device.
  • We have seen BlackBerry serving the users for more than a decade and it has been protecting the privacy of your contacts, messages, calls, mails, trillions of instant messages delivered privately by protecting the valuable information of users through the walks of life. So we can say that privacy and security of users have been interwoven deeply into BlackBerry’s DNA.
  • Initially, PRIV was shipped with Android Lollipop (5.1.1) and now Google has released Marshmallow. So, BlackBerry is in the process of integrating the new release with PRIV.  It’s been said that Marshmallow adds numerous security enhancements and when it comes to Android hardening, special sauce of BlackBerry includes numerous improvements independent of Android version number.

Below mentioned are a few improvements we can see on PRIV: 

  • Supply chain security for the hardware root of trust, which means that the company signs all of the hardware with digital keys while manufacturing to ensure the device integrity.
  • Improvements made on Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) – A security technique that makes it difficult for malware to exploit the software.
  • Enhancements made on SELinux mandatory access control policy.
  • Pathtrust utility to ensure that untrusted code can’t be introduced into the system via malware.

So we can say that, BlackBerry is most trusted company to provide not just highly-secure Android device but also the high-quality Enterprise Mobility Management Suite.

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