Instant Articles – A New Feature Launched by Facebook for Its iPhone App

9 June 2015

Chicago: With the continuous growth of technology, people are getting more advanced and they want to know all the information on the go. Today, Facebook app has almost become inevitable for some people and they use this app to know things happening around and also to share their views and posts.

Recently, Facebook application launched a new feature called ‘Instant Articles’ for its iOS client. This new feature lets publishers to create stories of their version, optimized for the display within the Facebook app. As the name itself suggests, the optimized articles are designed to load instantly and to offer a more native experience.

What made Facebook to design Instant Articles?

  • People do share lots and lots of articles on Facebook; particularly on the mobile app, for the convenience of accessing it anywhere on the go. So in order to make their experience richer and faster, Facebook decided to come up with something new which led to the design of this new feature. Instant articles make your reading experience ten times faster than your normal mobile web articles.
  • Instant articles not only provide a faster experience but they also introduce a suite of interactive features that allow publishers to bring their stories into life. You can zoom into a high-resolution photo by just tilting your phone. Also, the videos will automatically be played when you scroll down through an article.

Other uses of Instant Articles

  • Instant articles also support audio captions and interactive maps as well. You can like or comment on individual part of an article instead of liking the entire thing. They give users a complete control over the brand experience, stories and monetization opportunities as well.
  • Publishers can sell any ads in their articles and keep the revenue. They can also use Audience network of Facebook to monetize the unsold inventory.

Basically, it is a tool which lets publishers provide a better experience for their readers on Facebook. The articles actually use some same interface elements and concepts of an alternative Facebook client called ‘Paper’ in which the larger images scroll by itself as you tilt your phone and also the inline videos start playing automatically.

This new feature has been launched with nine partners like National Geographic, The New York Times, NBC, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Spiegel, BBC News and Bild. Facebook also hopes that regulating the monetary control through an article or including the ability to sell ads within the articles will attract more people to support the service.

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