Joomla Community building presentation offers fresh approach.

2 May 2013



Chicago: Joomla focused events, educating and collaborating with the Joomla Community itself to gather information for an exciting new approach to building effective online community portals with the Joomla! CMS. These talks and presentations have inspired a new “Community Building Success Program” that addresses the common challenges site builders face when building online communities. This new program takes participants on an expedition through important questions that help define effective strategies. The results offer site builders an opportunity to discover the best ways to connect their technology platform with the people participating and a process for which they can interact with each other.


“Over the years we have seen some great tools built for building communities, like JomSocial and Community Builder but it takes so much more than having the technology tools in place to build an effective community portal. Our program’s objective is to first help educate people on what they will need to consider when building or extending their offline community into an online community. Second we wanted to offer targeted service solutions specifically tailored to the gaps between strategies for turning the technology on and effectively marketing to a well-defined audience,”.


We Integrate our believes in their unique offerings can dramatically increase the success rates for online communities built with the Joomla CMS or any other popular CMS. The program digs deep into questions around strategy, and steps participants through a common sense approach for leveraging tools and technology that best connects and retains the attention of site visitors. The planned workshop style presentation for Joomla Day Boston will be centered around our Seven Pillars of Success. It will highlight innovative strategic concepts and walk through real world case studies.


Joomla! Day  will be filled with social interaction, include insightful learning paths and feature presentations by many well-known web developers, designers, marketers and Joomla experts.


We have built a world class technical support and consulting practice around delivering enterprise level Joomla CMS support for small to midsized businesses (SMB’s), Governments agencies and non-profit organizations using the Joomla CMS.


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