Top 10 Mobile App Trends in the Current Market

8 October 2014

Chicago: Mobile apps are a great way to access everything on the Internet that you like doing. Apps can be both useful and extremely fun; there are great ways to increase the functionality of your device.

We reside in a world that is dominated by the Internet and smartphones and thus it appears only normal that there has been a simultaneous rise in the number of mobile applications on the market. A lot of these apps are free to download and even the ones that charge are not pricey at all.

Developing mobile computing apps is among the most recent market segments of IT developers. The dare from a channel provider’s viewpoint is that a raft of challenging procedures for developing those apps makes it hard to decide which path to follow. Given the frequent mobile and customary desktop environments reliant on support, a large number of developers are relying more on HTML5, as per a latest survey of 2128 developers of business apps carried out by Sencha. The study finds that most developers are supporting, on average, somewhere between 4 and 5 platforms. The customary Windows desktop is still the most accepted platform for development, and then comes Google’s Android and the Apple iPhone and iPad. At the rear is MacOS. However, with its fame, Windows is not getting support from 30% of the developers analyzed. The survey simply shows that, in spite of the attempts by Google and Microsoft to sustain other languages, Javascript continues to be the foremost language for developing mobile computing apps.

Following are the 10 key mobile app trends in detail.

1. HTM5 Migration is Well Under Way:

Over 60% of developers are dependent on HTML5 and hybrid development platforms.

2. HTML5 Use is Escalating:

Over 70% of HTML5 and hybrid developers declare that they are employing HTML5 more this year than last year, and 75% target to do more with HTML5 next year.

3. Best 5 Most Frequently Used HTML5 Features:

  1. CSS3 styling,
  2. Local storage,
  3. Animations/transitions,
  4. HTML5 Video,
  5. Canvas drawing API are leading the list of the frequently used HTML5 features.

4. Number of Developers Still Employing Pre-HTML5 Web Technologies:

The Sencha study shows that data is currently less than 10%.

5. Mobile Developers Maintain many Device Types:

Developers are supporting, generally four-and-a-half device types:

  1. MacOS
  2. Windows,
  3. iPad
  4. iPhone and
  5. Android

6. Nearly all developers Aim Both Mobile and Desktop Devices:

Just 20% of developers solely aim mobile, and 30% aim only desktops.

7. Best Development Platforms:

Windows is still the major target platform, but Android is in fact No.2 at 60%, followed by Apple iPhone/iPad in the elevated 50% range.

8. Windows Usage Declines:

Windows laptops and desktops continue to be the best app development target, but 30% of developers do not offer support for it.

9. Native Mobile Technology Momentum Falls:

This year, 50% aim to do more with native technologies. Next year, 19% of mobile developers say they target to employ native technologies less.

10. JavaScript Constantly Leads

Just 10% of developers had high interest in Dart, a JavaScript option from Google, while only 17% had much interest in TypeScript from Microsoft.

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